• Canadian Sourced, Canadian Made.

About Ethisan

The development of the formula for Ethisan began in early 2020 at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic when the Canadian government was in dire need of sanitizers, cleaning products and PPE.

In response to this call for hand sanitizers for front-line workers, our affiliates at Last Straw Distillery, one of Ontario’s top small production distilleries, began working around-the-clock to provide a safe and lasting solution. Utilizing access to the finest ethanol in Canada, we created and began distributing our product by mid-April to overwhelming response. Big businesses and local government officials  asked us to increase our capacity and offerings as the pandemic continued to intensify.

Over the next few months, our formula was applied to gel, spray, as well as table top disinfectants. Dispensers, refills and varying product sizes were manufactured to cater to feedback from initial users, including front-line medical personnel who were the first to receive the product.  

In the end, our access to USP wheat ethanol, the highest available grade, allowed us to keep the Ethisan formula simple which made it incredibly user friendly and effective. As a food-grade and plant-based hand sanitizer, Ethisan was universally endorsed by everyone who tried it which assured us that we had crafted the perfect formula.

Our long-standing relationships within the beverage industry have ensured a steady supply of quality base ingredients. Even as our company grows, Ethisan will remain true to its original formula and, as always, 100% Canadian made.